Meet Directors lnformation Center

Let's get started by having you fill out the information below that will help us create your event database.and let us verify that we have made contact with you using the online format new for 2007.

-----Click your mouse into the boxes and then type in the information requested.

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2. Meet Director's day contact phone number with area code
3. Meet Director's email address
5. Your event classification ( Class AAA, Class A_AA, or Division 2 )
1. Your Name (as MEET DIRECTOR)
6. Your event location (East, West, Central....)
4. Which gender are you the meet director for? (Girls, Boys, or Both?)
7. Have you ever used HYTEK database software for entries & results functions at your home meets? (Yes, No, Not Sure)
8. Do you have someone assigned to do the entry/results HYTEK database task yet? (Yes or No)
8 a. IF YES, what is their name?
8 b. What is their email address?
8 c. What is their phone number?
If NO, go to Question # 9
**If you do not have this information, leave these fields blank and we will contact you for the information at a later time.
9. How many Lanes do you have available?
9. For sprint events (100m, 100/110 hurdles)?
9. For oval / distance events (200m, 400m, and up)?
1a. Host School Name
2a. evening contact phone number
-Once we have made contact thru this page with all coordinators, we will eliminate the quesions below and start updating this page with various helpful items for conducting the timing and results (hytek) management of your event. We will make SAMPLE uploads available for your hytek person to practice with as well as helpful tips on efficient timing/results

Update 1:  Please get hold of or purchase a metric/english conversion book; Hytek will only accept results for Multi-Events in metric. We suggest you use metric measuring for all multi-event field events

Update 2: For the main online entry page, we would love to have a link to your meet information - you can email the meet info to Andrew Turner or myself (  jimkaiser@mindspring.com )  as a Microsoft Word document